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At St Gregory’s, we feel that it is important that the journey for every new student begins as early as possible, so that they have plenty of opportunities to get to know the College, our staff, the layout and facilities on offer so that when their first day arrives, the adventure is less worrying and more about feeling at home with new friends. When the students arrive at St Gregory’s in September, they are not just joining the ‘family’ of St Gregory’s, they are joining the ‘family’ of one of the six houses which are a well established part of our pastoral care system. Each student joins a tutor group in their house. They are looked after by their tutor and head of house, who are the first port of call for parents.

In July, as well as the Year 6 Parents’ Evening, when the students can meet their new tutor and house mates, we have the common Transfer Day, usually on the first Thursday of July, and then on the first Friday, a House Night, when the students enjoy their first house competitions with the house captains, while their parents enjoy a sociable evening with the Parents Teachers and Friends Association.

Even before that, as soon as parents have confirmed their place for September, our transition team is visiting partner primary schools to find out as much as possible about our new students. This knowledge will help us to get to know them and to meet their needs when they join us for the new academic year.

Our new students are joining an outstanding College which has explicitly Catholic Christian values. A good number of our students are not from a Catholic background but their parents want an education for them which is informed by the vision and values of the Church. While we make no distinction whatsoever based on the religious background of our students when they join us, it is important that they understand from the beginning, the importance of upholding and supporting our values of mutual respect and care for each other based on the values of the Gospel.

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