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Our Mission, Creed & Values

Our mission as a Catholic school is summed up in the words of our motto, In Christ we flourish

For our young people this means that we want them to flourish as rounded individuals in a learning environment which is explicitly Christian and allows their God-given gifts and abilities to grow and develop.  We aim to ensure that the educational experience offered at St Gregory’s is rooted in Catholic Social Teaching and educates the whole child equipping them to be ready to take their place in the world as responsible citizens with strong moral values.  This is captured in our mission statement which is a reminder that everything we do is inspired by the example of Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement

As a Catholic school, our inspiration is Jesus Christ. We therefore promote the dignity and well-being of every child and ensure that they flourish with us in a safe, happy and enriching environment.


We believe that everyone is gifted and called by God to fulfil some definite service for the greater good of society. We will help our students to discover their vocation in life, to achieve their full potential and to use their gifts for the greater glory of God.

School Creed

At St. Greg’s, we are a family.
We believe in the living presence of God in our school, our community and world.
We are all equal and worthy of dignity and RESPECT in a community founded on inclusion and diversity.
We support each other and recognise our potential to thrive.
ASPIRATION and quality education are at the heart of our mission.
We walk together in the footsteps of Jesus and witness to the Gospel.
Our RESPONSIBILITY is to always be kind and caring to all
and to be stewards of creation. We all have VIRTUES and are valued and loved in the sight of God. Each of our lives is a gift to be nurtured as we journey together towards our true vocation.

In Christ we Flourish


School Principles

Our School Principles aim to instil in our students a sense of ambition to achieve their goals, the responsibility to understand the impact of their actions, respect for themselves and others, and to be honourable and true to themselves.

By integrating these values into the learning environment, our students are equipped to flourish academically, personally and spiritually, preparing them for a successful and confident future.

Our students are outstanding ambassadors for our School Principles. Read their stories.

STG Behaviour Wheel   website



There are five core principles of all Lasallian schools which have the Gospel at the heart of them.  They are intrinsically linked with Gospel values and British values ensuring that the values of the founder, St John Baptist De La Salle are at the forefront of how we live our daily lives at St Gregory’s.  

Lasallian Star

Faith in the presence of God – we believe in and are animated by the living presence of God in our school community, our local area and the whole world.  Our prayer life begins with the Lasallian call and response ‘Let us remember that we are in the holy presence of God’ which serves as a constant reminder of the many blessings of our daily lives.

Concern for the poor and social justice – We live and act in solidarity with the poor and advocate for all who suffer injustice.

Quality Education – We instruct and guide our students to strive for scholastic excellence, to value life-long learning, and to be servant leaders. 

Inclusive Community – We welcome and celebrate diversity, fostering mutual acceptance, appreciation, and solidarity among all persons. There is a place for everyone at St Gregory’s. 

Respect for all persons – We honour the dignity of all people, building and sustaining relationships with love, care and compassion.  We recognise the grace that God has gifted to all people. 

British Values

The ‘hallmarks’ of an education at Saint Gregory’s are based on those values and show our commitment to promoting British values.

Our commitment to the students and their parents/carers is that we will promote and develop an understanding of these hallmarks which will bear fruit in rounded young people who are inspired by Gospel values, committed to the promotion of British values, and have achieved the best possible educational outcomes in order to help them to prepare for life in modern Britain.