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Curriculum Intent

Our Chemistry curriculum, aligned with the UK National Curriculum, aims to cultivate a profound understanding of the principles governing the composition and behaviour of matter. Rooted in scientific enquiry and practical exploration, our intent is to equip students with essential knowledge and skills for a lifelong appreciation of chemistry.

The curriculum spans key areas:

  • Atomic structure and the periodic table
  • Bonding, structure, and the properties of matter
  • Quantitative chemistry and chemical analysis
  • Chemical changes
  • Energy changes
  • Rates of reaction and chemical equilibrium
  • Organic chemistry
  • Chemical analysis
  • The chemistry of the atmosphere
  • Using Resources

Through engaging lessons and hands-on experiments, our goal is to foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and a keen awareness of the impact of chemistry on the world. By emphasising real-world applications and ethical considerations, we aspire to inspire the next generation of innovative thinkers and responsible contributors to the scientific community.


Key Stage 5 Curriculum

Course Code: A Level Chemistry OCR H432
Exam Board Specification: OCR A


Our Key Stage 5 Chemistry curriculum, aligned with the OCR A-level syllabus, is designed to delve into advanced concepts, preparing students for higher education and scientific endeavours. With a focus on theoretical depth and practical proficiency, the curriculum includes key areas of study:

  • Development of practical skills in chemistry
  • Foundations in chemistry
  • Periodic table and energy
  • Core organic chemistry
  • Physical chemistry and transition elements
  • Organic, physical, and inorganic synthesis
  • Analysis and analytical techniques

Our intent is to foster critical thinking, independent research, and a deep understanding of the intricacies of chemistry. Through rigorous exploration of both theoretical and practical aspects, students are prepared for academic excellence and future contributions to the scientific community.


Key Stage 5 Chemistry Curriculum Map