Computer Science

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Curriculum Intent

At St Gregory's, our curriculum is crafted to nurture essential life skills where we believe that each student is uniquely gifted and intelligent. Our purpose in Computer Science, is to unfold the gifts of each one and to encourage the same in the wider cross-curricular use of IT. We also make sure that students are well prepared for the digital age!

The study of Computer Science is vital in giving our students a knowledge and understanding of the rapidly expanding world of digital communications. All students need to develop an awareness of all issues surrounding Online Safety with particular emphasis on Social Media and Cyberbullying.

Health and Safety issues when using equipment and applications including the use of the internet; the protection of data and the consideration of copyright will also be developed. We also aim to develop a sense of responsibility and self-discipline in our students when using any form of IT.


Key Stage 5 Curriculum

Course Code: A Level Computer Science AQA 7517
Exam Board Specification:

A Level Computer Science will inspire and equip students to tackle the IT challenges facing our modern world. Students will learn how computers work and start programming in formal scripting languages.

Alongside the theory, students will develop their own software project and associated reports to solve a real-life problem – enabling them to become a real problem solver, to analyse information effectively and to plan projects properly. This project can also form a useful discussion topic for UCAS applications.

In addition Students will learn about the technology that really powers all those things they love using, from websites such as Instagram, You Tube, and Snapchat etc to the games they enjoy playing like Call of Duty and Sims.


Key Stage 5 Computer Science Curriculum Map