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Curriculum Intent

In studying Music, learners gain a variety of practical and creative thinking skills that prepare them for life-long learning. Learners are challenged and encouraged to integrate the doing, the thinking and the feeling to grow in confidence, resilience and self-esteem.

Music is a unique art form with its own history, knowledge, values and cultural contexts that help our learners to gain an understanding of the world they inhabit. Through music, students learn how to respect others, develop their understanding of the Gospel Values, explore their own identify and express their responses. Learners are encouraged to reflect upon the work of the department and act as ambassadors in the wider community.

Our co-curricular offer supports our students in their musical learning and provides our learners with opportunities beyond the classroom. Vocal and instrumental ensembles on offer to students include: Lower School Voices, Contemporary Vocal Group, Senior Choir, String Sinfonia, Brass Ensemble, Flute Salad and Orchestra.

We also offer instrumental lessons to our students in:

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Guitar (electric and acoustic)
  • Bass guitar
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Voice
  • Drum kit
  • Piano


Key Stage 5 Curriculum

Course Code: A Level Music Eduqas
Exam Board Specification:


A Level Music at St Gregory’s follows the Eduqas examination board, which is split into three components:

  1. Performing (25% or 30%)
  2. Composing (25% or 30%)
  3. Appraising (40%)

The A Level Music course enables learners to develop as effective, independent and critical thinkers in addition to making links between the integrated activities of performing, composing and appraising. Learners value the knowledge and understanding gained in this course to communicate effectively as musicians.

The course offers learners the opportunity to pursue their own musical interests. Learners develop skills in the three distinct disciplines of performing, composing and appraising, whilst having flexibility to specialise in either performing or composing. Learners may choose to apportion 10% of their assessment to either performing or composing as an in-depth study.

A Level Music at St Gregory’s is designed to offer contrast and breadth as well as depth of study, where learners engage in both classical and popular music. All learners will study the development of the symphony in the analysis of landmark orchestral repertoire, which is important in developing knowledge and understanding of musical elements and language in context. Learners will use the musical language of this period to compose one piece of music to a brief. Learners will also study music from Musical Theatre and Jazz and the early twentieth century.

Our detailed curriculum map outlines the knowledge studied.


Key Stage 5 Music Curriculum Map