Physical Education

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Curriculum Intent

At St Gregory's, our aim is to help all pupils find enjoyment through physical activity, to inspire them to strive to be the best they can and to develop a lifelong passion for sports and physical exercise. We equip them with the knowledge and skills to support good physical and mental health so that they have the confidence and desire to lead an active healthy life.

Our curriculum is designed so that all students build the skills and knowledge of a wide range of activities, whilst supporting our students to fulfil their potential and compete in sport at County, Regional & National standard. 

Our academic curriculum offers GCSE PE and A-level PE and it goes far beyond what is taught in lessons, for whilst we want students to achieve the very best examination results possible, we believe our curriculum goes beyond what is examinable.


Key Stage 5 Curriculum

Course Codes: AQA 7582
Exam Board Specification:


A Level Physical Education is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of both theoretical and practical aspects of sports science and physical education. A Level PE can serve as a pathway to higher education in sports science, physical education, or related fields.

We use the AQA examination board to assess students’ knowledge and understanding in each of the seven curriculum strands. The curriculum continues to focus on each of these strands in turn across the year in teaching units called modules.

  • Applied Anatomy and physiology
  • Skill acquisition
  • Sport and society
  • Exercise physiology
  • Biomechanical movement
  • Sports psychology
  • Sport and society and the role of technology in physical activity and sport

Our detailed curriculum map outlines the knowledge studied.


Key Stage 5 PE Curriculum Map