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Curriculum Intent

Photography candidates are introduced to the subject through a variety of workshop-style studio sessions, using a mixture of traditional and modern photography practices. Students learn to use the dark room to develop their photographs as well as using Photoshop to edit photography created with digital cameras.

The course encourages candidates to develop their own work with reference to other photographers in our own and other cultures, within a historical perspective and responding to current ideas.

Gallery visits, contextual studies and suggested courses of independent study, including using the internet, help candidates in personal research for their sketchbooks and project outcomes.


Key Stage 5 Curriculum

Course Code: A Level Fine Art/Photography AQA
Exam Board Specification

Whether specialising in Fine Art or Photography, this is a wide ranging course, encouraging a very personal approach to work and chosen media. We explore the world through the visual arts in 2D and 3D media using drawing and painting, photography, print-making and sculpture.

Students will be introduced to a variety of traditional and new media, processes and techniques. Knowledge of the work of other artists and photographers will be developed and they will create their own personal outcomes by following a process of refinement of ideas.

The course begins with completing a broad project on People and Places, covering portraiture, landscapes, still life and urban art. Students then start the Personal Investigation (Component 1) and once completed, progress to their final exam project (Component 2).

Key Stage 5 Curriculum Map