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Curriculum Intent

Psychology is a subject that gives an understanding of how to function effectively in the real world; to understand why we behave as we do and how to communicate and work with others in wider society.

Students will develop an ability to understand, apply, analyse, evaluate and discuss psychological terms, concepts, research studies and explanations/approaches of human behaviour; students will apply knowledge and understanding of material covered to real-life behaviours and learn to critically analyse the credibility of theories and research studies examined.

We will provide opportunities for an enriched understanding and appreciation of the subject by starting to integrate key issues and debates surrounding human behaviour; this will lead to a respect for all, through deeper compassion and empathy for the diverse behaviours displayed by others and the wealth of issues experienced. Students will develop comprehension skills in listening and reading to a level where they are able to understand psychological terms and concepts.

Throughout their learning journey, students will have the opportunity to develop literacy, mathematical and science-based knowledge and skills, the knowledge acquired in GCSEs will be highly relevant to studying Psychology. Students will learn how to pay attention to detail, solve problems, analyse beyond face value, think ‘out of the box’. The skills learned will enable students to enter the world as a skilled, perceptive and adaptive member of society.


Key Stage 5 Curriculum

Course Code: A Level Psychology AQA 7182
Exam Board Specification:


The overall aim of delivering this curriculum is to help our students gain a real insight into the complexities of human behaviour. Through the application of Psychological theory, our students will be able to explain the world around them. By following the A Level specification, students will acquire the necessary skills to achieve strong grades and progress onto university.

Our students will develop into passionate Psychologists and will be confident in their ability to succeed in this subject. To support this, students will have opportunities to engage with competitions, enrichment visits and have talks from outside speakers from various psychological fields. This will enhance our students’ ability to critical evaluate and present a clear line of argument, whilst considering the more synoptic elements of the course, such as issues and debates.


Key Stage 5 Psychology Curriculum Map