International Guests

International Guests
School News - 26th April 2024

This week we welcomed thirteen students from Florence Bilingual School, Italy. The students will be with us for five days on a full integration programme, joining our students in lessons and learning to improve their English language skills in an authentic English language setting. The visiting students have already shown tremendous enthusiasm and have integrated seamlessly into our diverse community of learners. They have been assisted by dedicated and diligent St Gregory’s students, designated as ‘International Ambassadors’ to reflect the significance of their role as an example of our school’s standards of excellence and Catholic values. Our students have already acquitted themselves with a clear sense of responsibility and purpose in their role, which has proven invaluable for helping our visiting students and staff to feel welcomed and included in our school community. 

We wish the students and staff of Florence Bilingual School a wonderful week of learning and fun at St Gregory’s, and hope they will cherish the memories of their visit for years to come! 

Mr Nordberg

Teacher of Humanities & International Placement Co-ordinator