The Houses of Saint Gregory’s


In 2019, to celebrate forty years of Catholic Education and formation at St Gregory’s, students and staff launched a new House System to represent the values and mission of our school community.

Our students were instrumental in leading this change, working with Mr Robinson, our Lay Chaplain, to redesign the system and come up with four new Houses; ones that reflected the whole spectrum of our school community.

Our Houses are:

Bakhita – Named after Saint Josephine Bakhita and representing the values of Perseverance, Hope and Forgiveness

Francis – Named after Pope Francis and representing the values of Dignity, Stewardship and Vocation

Romero – Named after Saint Oscar Romero and representing the values of Justice, Peace and Freedom

Stein – Named after Saint Edith Stein and representing the values of Equality, Faith and Education

The students were impressive in their research and the rationale they used to choose our Houses. There were some very thoughtful and articulate insights shared with students so passionate about the type of people that they felt would make for inspirational House Saints. Their commitment for global causes was at the heart of their work, being inspired to bring attention to things that mattered to them most such as the environment, equality, justice and poverty. These causes were displayed in the new House Saints so that everyone within our school community can resonate with the ideals and Gospel values that they radiate.

After deciding on their Houses a working group set about designing and creating the symbols to represent their Houses and these we proudly display both here and around the school site.

All students and staff belong to a House and new members joining Saint Gregory’s will be allocated to a House within their Tutor Group representing their House Saint in activities and events throughout the academic year.

Below, you will discover the reasons for student choices and what they represent.