CateringOur catering services are provided by Sodexo, a well known catering company, who actively manage our Healthy Eating School Policy. All food is cooked on the premises and is available to all students at breakfast club (8.15am–8.45am), break (11.05am–11.30am) and lunch (1.30pm–2.10pm).

We operate a cafeteria system in the main hall and offer a snack shack provision in the piazza area outside, with students paying each day for what they have.  A properly balanced 2-course meal is available to students although they can choose from a range of options including paninis and pasta with sauce, sandwiches and salads.  There is also a selection of snacks, including fresh fruit available daily, and cakes and cookies available at lunchtimes.

In order to encourage the more regular purchase of their meals, and to avoid students having to bring in cash every day, we operate a Proximity Keyfob system.

Keyfobs are supplied at the beginning of term to new students. Credit can be put on the fob either by cheque or cash. We also have an online payment system to top up accounts and view purchases and current balance.

Other benefits include:

  • Printed receipts or on-line information to show the Keyfob balance; details of purchases can also be requested;
  • each fob has a unique identity in case the fob gets lost and needs to be cancelled;
  • It is also possible to limit daily expenditure if required.

There is no expiry date on the fob.  The first fob is issued free of charge; replacement fobs incur a fee of £2.

Menu and Price List

Packed Lunches

If parents prefer, a student may bring a packed lunch.  In line with Health and Safety Regulations, cans or glass bottles and carbonated drinks must NOT be brought into school. We have a water-only policy which parents are strongly encouraged to support.  We also ask that packed lunches are healthy, avoiding foods high in fat and sugar. Students may eat and drink in the hall and in the piazza area before school, during break time and during lunchtime. Should a student wish to go home to lunch, a written request is required from the parents.  Students must then sign out and in on each occasion.