Pastoral Care

“When it came to choosing a sixth form our son had no doubt whatsoever that he wanted to stay on for a further two years at The New Sixth. He really felt the teachers valued him and wanted him to stay there. What a great decision he made as he has really enjoyed such a fantastic sixth form where he has worked hard and has felt supported.”

Sixth form parent

At The New Sixth, we value the pastoral care and needs of our students as highly as the academic. Every student is supported in their sixth form journey by key individuals who work to provide the best support possible.

  • The Tutor has daily contact with students in tutor sessions from 8.45-9.05 every morning. They deliver the pastoral programme and provide an initial contact point for any concerns. They are instrumental in the university or apprenticeship application system, acting as referee and advising students throughout the process.
  • The Chaplain is always on hand for a conversation and to offer reassurance and support.
  • The Sixth Form Administrator is based in the learning resource centre in the Gateway building. Helping students with their daily organisation, they are an invaluable additional resource and friendly face for students.
  • The Head of Year monitors the well-being of students. They ensure that students are receiving the best quality provision in terms of the pastoral programme and extra-curricular activities. They maintain an overview of academic performance and provide a bridge between the subject staff and the student during difficult or challenging circumstances, helping to ensure minimised impact on academic performance.
  • The Director of Sixth Form provides another route for support and guidance for students. With overall responsibility for the maintenance of both academic and pastoral standards, they are actively involved in the daily challenges students face. With an office in the Learning Resource Centre, they are easily accessible and manage the transition to sixth form and applications for university or apprenticeships.