Gifted & Talented

The school is committed to nurturing the talents of every one of its students.  We do, however, recognise that some students are especially talented in one area in particular, such as sports or music, and that other children may have outstanding academic gifts across a wide range of subjects. By identifying and providing for those Gifted and Talented students, we help all students fulfil their potential.

To provide the appropriate challenges for these students St Gregory’s provides a stretching experience in the classroom and offers a wide range of additional enrichments.

Provision in School

For our Gifted and Talented students opportunities are offered for enrichment through appropriate support, challenge and a range of opportunities in all aspects of their school life. Enrichment opportunities are written into schemes of work where appropriate and specific provision is made in differentiated curriculum planning.

Out of School Provision

Gifted and Talented children are offered a range of enrichment activities (some of which are specifically catering for them), such as after school clubs, summer schools, master classes.

Where a Gifted and Talented child has a particular ability or exceptional talent in a subject not catered for in either the National Curriculum or through after school activities the school will endeavour to facilitate and encourage the child’s ability through outside school contacts.