Spiritual Life

“Chaplaincy at Saint Gregory’s aims to strengthen and nourish our young people on this vital stage of their journey. We believe discernment and Gospel values are integral elements for discovering our true vocation. Chaplaincy aims to supply this scaffold of spiritual and pastoral support so that all our students fulfil their calling.”

Matt Robinson, Chaplain

At Saint Gregory’s, the central focus is for our students to achieve to their academic best and to facilitate time for students to develop personally and spiritually into mature, confident individuals ready to embrace the opportunities and challenges that the world has to offer. The pastoral and spiritual guidance offered to all students aims to engage them in a spiritual journey in a way that speaks to young people and encourages them to take strength and support from the family around them as they prepare for adult life.

Assemblies are an integral part of that collective journey and take place daily, by year group. The assemblies are themed to reflect important spiritual, social and pastoral topics, within the liturgical calendar or to engage students in a range of cultural or topical issues. Assemblies can be led by members of staff, students or relevant outside speakers. Once per term, one Tutor Group will lead the collective worship assembly allowing young people the opportunity to explore topics at a deeper, more meaningful level and present their ideas to others. In addition, every week members of each Tutor Group lead collective worship during Tutor Time, ensuring that young people are regularly supported and guided on their spiritual journey.

In addition to daily collective worship as a Tutor or Year Group, there are further opportunities to participate in voluntary acts of worship in the school chapel. These can vary from the Rosary, Lectio Divina and other forms of shared prayer and worship. Mass is celebrated as a whole school on all holy days of obligation and other relevant and important feasts in the year.

Liturgies are organised for the end of each term including reconciliation services during Advent and Lent.

Preparation for the sacraments is done through local parishes but the school is fully supportive and encourages students to take these significant steps in their spiritual development.