Scholarship Programme


2019-20 Scholarship Programme

As part of our commitment to a broad and vibrant curriculum, accessible to all, we have developed the Sixth Form Scholarship Programme, a unique collaboration between The New Sixth and our corporate sponsors.

Each sponsor has made a significant commitment to supporting our students’ academic learning experience through a combination of financial scholarship, formal mentoring, careers guidance and work experience in order to prepare students for the challenges, adventures and opportunities of the world of work.

Each Scholarship is worth £500, provided in vouchers or through meeting a specific course expense, and will be awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional academic talent or community spirit and endeavour. These funds are to be provided to support our outstanding students in their studies and expand their opportunities beyond the classroom.

Applications are invited from exemplary candidates in Year 12 and Year 13 who play an active role in supporting the Sixth Form. Scholarships will be awarded in the autumn term. Each scholarship is designed to meet the specific interests of both the sponsor and the student; having reviewed the offers, students can apply for a specific scholarship or make an open application for consideration against all scholarships.

This year’s successful candidates are:

Sodexo Scholarship – Navya J

Hookway Scholarship – Ben S

BMT Scholarship – Jorja H (with additional part scholarships being awarded to Oliver L and Alice B)

Gratia Scholarship – Jasmine C and Harley H

Critical Digital Scholarship – Sofia C (with special recognition and mentoring support being given to Emily-May C)


We are always seeking new partnerships between Bath businesses and organisations that share our ambition for supporting excellence in A Level study. If you are interested in sponsoring one of our scholarship programmes for 2020, please contact Miss Butler on 01225 838232 for further information.