On Thursday afternoon thirteen Year 10 left St Gregory’s to go to Kintbury in Newbury.  They spent the next three days in the beautiful, peaceful surroundings away from computers, television or newspapers.  They joined students from three other schools from London, Wales and Bournemouth.   By the end of the retreat you could not tell from which school they came as they mingled so well.  It was great to see sincere friendliness and hear peals of laughter and smiles all around the place.  Kintbury provided the ideal environment for reflection and finding God in prayer and community living, whilst having loads of fun.

One of the students wrote,” Kintbury is an amazing place and I’m so glad I went!  The whole experience was absolutely incredible.  The people I met were great and have really inspired me to live life to the best that I possibly can.  Kintbury really helped me to appreciate myself and the things I usually take for granted. I would recommend Kintbury to everybody.”