The students have been absolutely delightful this year, joining in with all activities with enthusiasm and determination and have been a credit to the school. Some of the highlights of the week:

Monday: 75 Year 9 and 10 students went off to Airhop to bounce the morning away and then enjoyed a lunch of Domino’s pizza! The remaining Year 10 students enjoyed cycling at Odd Down Cycle Track and enjoyed their 3G Astro to play football on. The Year 9 students got to take part in the exciting ‘It’s a knockout’ as well as activities such as basketball and breakdancing. The Year 8s joined in with a global awareness workshop as well as doing some fitness, bench ball and making dream catchers. The Year 7 students went swimming, made food hats and completed their Level 1 in first aid – a busy day!

Tuesday: The highlight of Tuesday was Mr Ackland being thrown to the ground by Olympic Judo competitor, Tom Reed, in assembly. We also got to see some break dancers in action as well as more ‘It’s a knockout’ enjoyed thoroughly by the year 10 students. Bath Carnival came in to make masks with our students in the hope they would join the parade in the city centre on Saturday.

Wednesday: The Cross Fit guys were in on Wednesday testing the strength and stamina of our Year 10 students who even did a demo in assembly! We had face painting, swimming, cycling, bracelet making as well as 131 Year 7 and 8 students jumping at Airhop! The Science department have also been running fabulous workshops building a greenhouse and bug house and planting vegetables and fruit.

Thursday: Thursday brought in the Bath carnival drummers, archery, fencing, and handball coaches. Miss Sahakian has been creating Rio music which has been playing as the students have entered the assembly. In the afternoon there was ‘Glowstick Zumba’ which the Year 8 students loved getting their teeth stuck into!

Have a brilliant summer and we hope you are feeling very ‘enriched’!

Mrs Tuke, Head of PE