In a GCSE results day like no other, we celebrate an extraordinary year of achievement for our Year 11 students as they receive their GCSE results, with headline results showing an impressive overall level of achievement across all curriculum areas as well as many personal triumphs.

Over the past few months I have been continually impressed by our students’ support for each other, their sense of humour and unfailing positivity. This outstanding set of results is just reward.

Year 11 students before lockdown, celebrating their time at Saint Gregory’s despite such an abrupt end to their academic year.

Today marks a huge celebration of our students’ successes. Our Year 11 cohort have consistently demonstrated incredible determination, commitment and hard work. They thoroughly deserve their outstanding grades and I am extremely proud of each and every one of them.

Every year the results and headline percentages only tell part of the story and none more so than this year. Whilst the grades demonstrate unequivocal academic success, behind the statistics and the politics there is always a young person who has achieved so much more, both inside the classroom and beyond.

This year, almost 30% of all GCSE results were graded 7-9, an outstanding accomplishment that maintains the strong academic record at Saint Gregory’s. 70% of grades secured a strong pass with an impressive 88% of grades achieving a standard pass grade.

As always there were some notable achievements both on a personal and academic level. These include Alanis B, Mindy C, Archie C, James E, Haydn M, Jack C, Lucy F, Evangelos K, Hugo H, Roshan J, Maeve P, Danny P, Teya B, Sophie H, Emilia H, Ciara O’D, Emily S, Kayley S and Nixy T who have all secured the highest possible grades 7-9 across all of their GCSE subjects with many achieving a majority of grade 9s. We are delighted that an overwhelming number of our Year 11 students will be staying with us at The New Sixth to study A Levels and we cannot wait to welcome them as our new Year 12 cohort in September.

Our Year 11 students have absolutely earned these results, demonstrating their skills and talents throughout their GCSE studies, allowing us to submit compelling and well-evidenced Centre Assessed Grades to the exam boards. I am immensely grateful to all of our teachers who worked through an incredibly rigorous process of assessment and internal moderation to arrive at the grades.

At Saint Gregory’s, we strongly advocate a learning experience that carefully balances academic achievement with a supportive and nurturing environment. This year’s GCSE and A level results demonstrate unequivocally that it is possible to secure the highest levels of attainment whilst ensuring students grow into well-rounded, reflective, caring and thoughtful young people.

Ms A Cusack