“This is a day for our Year 11s to feel incredibly proud,” was the message from Ms Cusack, as she paid tribute to the tenacity, grit and determination of GCSE students as they collected their 2022 results.

Despite extraordinary disruption to their education over the past three years, Year 11 students at St Gregory’s secured a fantastic set of results with academic success across the curriculum.

Headline results show an impressive overall level of achievement across all curriculum areas as well as many personal triumphs. 27% of all GCSE results were graded 7-9, an outstanding accomplishment that maintains the strong academic record at Saint Gregory’s. 60% of grades secured a strong pass with an impressive 75% of grades achieving a standard pass grade.

Within these outstanding results were a number of remarkable individual accomplishments. Edgar was over the moon to receive a full house of the highest grades possible, securing grade 9s across all subjects. Amelia B, Kezia, Elena, Jemima, Austin, Rose, Mackenzie, Eve, Emily W, Joshua J and Aleena all achieved grades 9-7 (A*-A equivalent) in all of their GCSEs with many continuing their academic journey through the school’s sixth form for A Levels.

Ms Cusack said: “Our Year 11s have worked incredibly hard over the past few years and thoroughly deserve the levels of success that we have seen. These results are a testimony to their diligence, commitment and talent. It was a privilege to meet the whole cohort and celebrate their results and future plans.”

“It’s important to acknowledge the team of staff at Saint Gregory’s who have supported our students throughout their studies. Their professionalism and care for each and every student is testimony to the strength and spirit that is the family of Saint Gregory’s, and this has shone through today.”

“We look forward to welcoming many of our Year 11 students back in September to continue their education in our sixth form, under the guidance of an outstanding team.”

Saint Gregory’s strongly advocate a learning experience that carefully balances academic achievement with a supportive and nurturing environment. This year’s GCSE and A level results demonstrate unequivocally that it is possible to secure the highest levels of attainment whilst ensuring students grow into well-rounded, reflective, caring and thoughtful young people.

Congratulations on your achievements and we look forward to welcoming you to sixth form next week.

Ms Cusack & Mr Leaman