“Students are offered a broad and balanced extra-curricular offer, that is designed to support and guide students through the complexities of choosing courses at university, higher level apprenticeships or through the offer of more specialised careers advice and guidance.”

The Careers Department’s main purpose is to assist students with the difficult choices that they face when considering higher education and employment.

Students benefit from an attentive and personalised careers education programme, which enables them to gain self-knowledge and an awareness of the great number of opportunities available beyond sixth form. Throughout the academic year, regular opportunities are created for open dialogue on progress and pathway choices to support our young people and their families as they take the first step towards their future adventures after sixth form.

The New Sixth benefits from a specialist sixth form Careers Department, assisting students with often difficult or complex choices when considering higher education and employment. Students are helped to recognise future opportunities, develop their skills, decide which direction to take and put a personal career plan into place. We equip our students with the knowledge and tools needed to not only realise their full potential, but to make a difference to the world at large. New Sixth students are confident in taking complex and difficult decisions, and relish pursuing their own pathways with conviction and resolve.

Tutors, alongside the New Sixth careers advice team, ensure that information and advice is readily available when students need it, either as a member of a group or on an individual basis, through a consolidated programme of careers education and guidance so that when they leave The New Sixth, they have a clear direction and purpose.

Our careers library is well stocked with up-to-date resources and students are able to access a number of career programmes via the computer network.

In addition, students may find the following links useful:

What Makes You Tick?

  • Skills Health Check – complete a short quiz to find out what your strengths are and what might motivate you in work
  • VARK Test – it is important to take into account your learning style when making decisions about employment, education or training. Take this questionnaire to find out how you learn best.