Tadpoles have moved in at St Gregory’s Catholic College.

Linking in to our Year 7 unit, ‘Starting Out In Life’, we have collected some tadpoles to observe their development over the next few weeks. They have been set up in a large aquarium in the Science department with plenty of space, hiding places and an air bubbler to keep them healthy.

Feeding the tadpoles is easy – we can use freshly boiled lettuce or spinach (not cabbage) or alternatively crushed rabbit food pellets. The tadpoles will hatch in 1–2 weeks (depending on species and water temperature).

After their hind legs have started to develop, they need a change of diet because they now become carnivorous. We can use dried ant eggs (from a pet shop) or chopped liver, cooked or raw, as both are suitable.  Small frogs will take about 12 weeks to develop. After this, their stay with us will be complete and they will be returned to the pond that they were collected from.

Hopefully we can post more pictures as they develop!