This September Mr Friel welcomed 26 new members of staff to St. Gregory’s. The unusually high number was due to the extra staff needed for the New Sixth. Mr Friel commented, ‘we’ve always started the new academic year fully staffed and with very strong teams but I believe this year is the strongest group of professional people we have ever assembled here at St. Gregory’s. We now have 100 staff in total and every one of them is fully committed to making sure that the young people in our care flourish.’

The new staff with Mr Friel, pictured on the staff training day, are from left to right:

1               Mr Arnold, Teacher of Maths

2               Mr Roveglia, Cover Supervisor

3               Mrs Parr, Sixth Form Administrator

4               Mr Fieldhouse, Teacher of English

5               Mr Duffy, Teacher of Photography & Art

6               Mrs Bailey, Teacher of RE

7               Mrs Richardson, Teacher of Maths

8               Mrs Kestell, Teacher of Science

9               Mr Burnford, Teacher of English

10            Miss Dustin, Teacher of Food Technology

11            Miss Fry, Librarian and Careers Assistant

12            Mr Tobin, Teacher of History

13            Miss Cooper, Reprographics and College Typist

14            Mrs Gregory, Head of Spanish

15            Mr Parr, Chaplain

16            Mrs Baker, Teacher of English

17            Miss Cook, Teacher of French and Spanish

18            Mr Stuart, IT Technician

19            Miss Morrison, Science Technician

20            Mr Fitzgerald, Teacher of PE

21            Mr Friel, Executive Headteacher

22            Mrs Hewett, Science Technician

23            Mr Gormley, Chaplain

24            Miss Jackson, Personnel Manager

25            Mr Burn, Head of Physics

26            Miss Barker, Head of Chemistry

27            Mr Blair, Teacher of Maths