On Monday 21st January, thirty of our Year 12 & 13 students travelled to Berlin, Germany for a week of cultural enrichment.The focus of the trip was to provide an insight into Germany’s rich history and tradition. We stayed near the centre of the city, right next to the largest remaining section of the Berlin Wall.

We arrived in Berlin mid-afternoon on Monday and proceeded to walk into the city centre. Our students did very well coping with the -7°C weather and the snow! Once we arrived in the centre we settled down to have dinner in a busy and vibrant Indian restaurant. The food was fantastic and very welcome after a day of travelling.

We began the first full day with a walking tour of Berlin taking in iconic sights such as the Brandenburg Gate, TV Tower and Museum Island. This was followed by a tour of Checkpoint Charlie, the sight of much of the Cold War tension between the Soviet Union and USA, and a visit to the heart of German democracy, the famous Reichstag building. The day ended with dinner out at a German restaurant and some free time to explore the city.

The next day involved a tour of the DDR museum which explains what was life was like in East Germany under Soviet rule during the Cold War. This was great opportunity to learn about Socialism, the Cold War and the impact of division amongst communities. Many of our students said this was their favourite part of the trip – ‘going to an interactive museum was very engaging and I learnt a lot’. On this day we also went to the Kennedy Museum and to the top of the TV Tower, Germany’s tallest building. A great opportunity to get some pictures of the iconic Berlin skyline! We ended this day with a trip to a Bavarian beer hall for authentic German food and an evening of lederhosen and listening to an oompah band.

Our final day involved a trip to Berlin Cathedral and the Zoo. Berlin’s Zoo is very famous for having a wide variety of animals including pandas and a polar bear! We returned safely to Bath around midnight on Thursday evening.

All our students were fantastic during the week, with several of our guides stating how engaged and enthusiastic they were during the various activities.

We are hoping to run more enrichment trips for Sixth Formers in the future, to Berlin and other locations in Europe, so look out for more of these opportunities. They are open to all students who attend the New Sixth.

Mr Leaman
Teacher of History, Politics & Sociology