This year, some of our Year 8 History students have been involved in a collaborative international project with MCKV School in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, which is an all-boys Middle School. In the History Department, we have been exploring the British rule in India with the school, fostering cross-cultural connections and promoting global understanding.

Through this project, our students had the opportunity to share their work and engage in meaningful discussions with their counterparts at MCKV School. Our students were enthralled by the diverse perspectives and unique insights presented by the MCKV students, which provided them with a deeper understanding of Indian history and culture.

One of the highlights of this project was the exchange of student work. Our students were eager to compare and contrast their assignments, which led to thought-provoking discussions in the classroom. The level of enthusiasm and engagement demonstrated by our students truly showcased their passion for learning and their openness to embracing different perspectives.

To foster further connections and promote cross-cultural dialogue, we have facilitated a pen pal exchange between our students and the history students at MCKV School. Through these letters, our students aim to establish personal connections and gain insights into the lives and experiences of these students.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the faculty and staff at MCKV School for their unwavering support and dedication throughout this collaboration. Their commitment to fostering global citizenship and providing their students with a platform to engage with peers from different parts of the world is truly commendable.

We would also like to extend our appreciation to our students, whose enthusiasm and commitment to learning have made this project a resounding success. Their open-mindedness, respect for diversity, and willingness to embrace new perspectives has been inspiring and a true reflection of our student creed.

We look forward to a promising future of continued collaboration into the next academic year.

Mrs Sarbatta
Head of History