Computer Science GCSE

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Examination Board OCR (J277)

Subject Leader Mr A Foley
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Qualification Aims:

GCSE Computing focuses students on the technical aspects of IT with a specific emphasis on computer programming. For this reason students who have a particular strength in logic/mathematics will enjoy the course. Students use their knowledge and understanding of computer technology to become independent and discerning users of IT, able to make informed decisions about the use and be aware of the implications of different technologies.

Computers are changing every part of our lives at an ever increasing rate. No matter what field you want to go into, Computer Science is changing that industry; why not drive the future?

  • Experience programming and making new software
  • Find out how hackers attack computers
  • Discover how computers work
  • Solve logical problems

If learners want to go on to higher study and employment in the field of Computer Science, they will find that this course provides a superb stepping stone.


This course is technical in its approach and elements of Mathematics are included.

The course consists of three units, two of which are theory and are examined by a written paper (50% each) and there is one coursework, controlled assessment unit:

  • Component 1 – Computer Systems (50% overall grade)
  • Component 2 – Computational Thinking, Algorithms and Programming (50% overall grade)
  • Practical Programming – Students are to be given the opportunity to undertake a programming task(s) during their course of study which allows them to develop their skills to design, write, and test and refine programs using a high-level programming language. Students will be assessed on these skills during the written examinations, in particular component 02 (section B).Students’ programming ability will be an internally assessed controlled assessment that will be done mostly in lesson time and will take up 20 hours.

What will you learn?

This GCSE will equip you with a range of transferable practical and theoretical skills:

  • Programming skills in a modern language
  • An understanding of how computers and networks work
  • Knowledge of cyber-security and how hackers attack systems
  • Understanding ethical, legal, cultural and environmental concerns