The PSHE programme at St Gregory’s reflects and reinforces the Christian values and curriculum aims of the school and recognises each child as a unique creation with individual needs. It gives opportunities for students to critically reflect on their experiences and to develop their sense of individual identity, well-being and self-esteem.

The intention is that students are encouraged to believe in their ability to succeed, to manage risk and take responsibility for themselves as a learner and as a member of society, to consider future choices and to develop aspirations for their working life. Students are also encouraged to develop respect for diversity in society.

Content and Approach:

Key Stage 3 students have one discrete lesson of PSHE per fortnight. These are underpinned by tutor foci once a week.

In Year 7, students study units in:

  • Term 1: Managing Change
  • Term 2: Puberty & Body Development
  • Term 3: Friends, Respect & Relationships
  • Term 4: Staying Safe, Online & Offline
  • Term 5: Celebrating Differences
  • Term 6: Politics & Parliament

In Year 8, students study units in:

  • Term 1: Proud to be me
  • Term 2: Physical Health & Mental Wellbeing
  • Term 3: Identity, Relationships & Sex Education
  • Term 4: Dangerous Society, Online & Offline
  • Term 5: Equality and Diversity Explored
  • Term 6: Law, Crime & Society

In Year 9, students study units in:

  • Term 1: Essential Life Skills
  • Term 2: Body Confidence
  • Term 3: Sex, the Law & Consent
  • Term 4: Legal and Illegal Drugs
  • Term 5: Contraception & STI’s
  • Term 6: Combatting Extremism & Terrorism

Key Stage 4 students have their PSHE delivered during tutor time, once a week.

In Year 10, students study units in:

  • Term 1: Rights and Responsibilities
  • Term 2: Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Term 3: Risk, Relationships & Sex Education
  • Term 4: Violence, Crimes & Seeking Safety
  • Term 5: Exploring World Issues
  • Term 6: Exploring British Values

In Year 11, students study units in:

  • Term 1: Preparing for Exams
  • Term 2: Adult Health & Looking After Yourself
  • Term 3: Sexual Health
  • Term 4: Staying Safe
  • Term 5: Your Future and Beyond
  • Term 6: Exam Period

Key Stage 5

students have their PSHE delivered in assemblies and tutor time. Sex & Relationship education will be delivered through a mixture of tutorial lessons and RE lessons, underpinning our Catholic ethos.

In Year 12, students study units in:

  • Term 1: Work, Careers & Pathway Choices
  • Term 2: Healthy Lifestyles & Mental Health
  • Term 3: Relationships, Values and Consent
  • Term 4: Risks, Personal Safety & Drugs
  • Term 5: Bullying, Abuse & Discrimination
  • Term 6: Media Literacy & Digital Resilience

In Year 13, students study units in:

  • Term 1: Employment & Responsibilities
  • Term 2: Sexual Health & Self-Concept
  • Term 3: Contraception & Parenthood
  • Term 4: Forming Respectful Relationships
  • Term 5: Financial Choices
  • Term 6: Exam Period

Each year group will also have a focused PSHE Day, in which students will have the opportunity to explore concepts with greater depth and understanding. Additionally, PSHE topics are approached in a cross-curricular way, with topics being explored in subjects across the curriculum, particularly in Performing Arts, Science, RE and Humanities faculties.

Additionally, the whole school take part in three ‘Equalities Session’ throughout the year. Each session is focused on exploring a protected characteristic under The Equality Act and students take part in an extended tutor session, designed to foster discussion. Student teams, such as the Equalities Team and the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors help to design many of the PSHE tutor sessions.