Design & Technology GCSE

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Examination Board AQA 8236
Subject Leader Ms Wright
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Design and Technology: Product Design is a great opportunity for creative and practical students to explore and develop their skills in designing and making high quality marketable products.

Qualification Aims:

Research real situations, identify gaps in the market and find practical design solutions to real problems. Design original and useful products using a range of materials and processes. Learn drawing and modelling skills to communicate and develop design ideas. Develop manufacturing skills using CAD CAM (Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacture). Develop hand skills using a range of materials including textiles, wood, card and plastic. For the Controlled Assessment you will independently manage a 30-35 hour design and make task working closely with a client throughout. You can choose to work in your preferred specialist materials and processes. Hard work, self-motivation and determination are essential skills to be successful in GCSE Design & Technology.

Course Content:

Digital design portfolio:
Communicating your design journey with written work, annotated photos and video clips.
Investigation of contexts set by exam board
In-depth research, analysis and evaluations
Design brief, Specification
Initial and developed designs: sketching/modelling/CAD
Final design idea – modelling/CAD

Final prototype:
Planning for manufacture and manufacturing process
Presentation of prototype


This course is technical in its approach and elements of Mathematics are included.

Task 1: 1x 2hr written exam 50%.

Task 2: 1x 30-35 hour Non Examined Assessment (NEA) 50% which includes a design portfolio and practical product.